We help small businesses grow profitably.

ProfitMD is a part of Eli Global, an international information and financial services group of companies operating for over two decades in the United States. Eli Global is a loose confederation of businesses with a large portfiolio of companies in the financial services and insurance domains. Eli Global through ProfitMD has a vision to be the first choice for small business customers and clients seeking quality financial solutions in the United Staes.

The Small Business Finance Division of ProfitMD helps small businesses access easy, hassle-free finance for their varied business requirements. ProfitMD believes that small business form the core of any country’s economy and are essential for its success. Accordingly, ProfitMD operates with the passionate mission of enabling small businesses grow profitably.

ProfitMD offers business loans for working capital, equipment purchase, expansion, acquisition as well as for starting up a small business. Merchant cash advances, terms loans, SBA loans are offered as per the requirement of the business owner. We also consider application for requirements that include commercial real estate. While we serve virtually all types of small businesses today, we started with healthcare first. Today we have a long list of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us for more.

ProfitMD offers loans and advances of up to USD 1 Million but can go higher depending on specific requirements and eligibility. Our loans are collateral free and carry no upfront charges. We work very hard for our customers. Our strength lies in our multiple lender network as it allows us to offer multiple options. So, if you don’t like a particular offer, we will get you another and so on till you are satisfied that you have the right solution. Your finance solution has tailor-made repayment period and other terms. In a nutshell, we make sure you get the money you need for your business!

The Small Business Solutions Division of ProfitMD offers software solutions for physician practices across healthcare, revenue cycle management services and associated analytics.

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